Progress and Scope

It's been two months since Proletariat Unit was initiated as a project. The beginning stages involved setting up the parameters and establishing a solid foundation of research material. Now, the trajectory is moving towards more directed purpose - much of which is to be achieved through establishing clear modes of comparison among the unit case studies. Already, changes are being made to earlier drawings and standard drawing conventions are being set in place. As the final form of the study is intended to be a printed book, with the website serving as a documentation of the research process, a first pass was made to print a pamphlet including all of the units drawn so far. Although this is a rudimentary pass at what will be the final product, having the study in physical form serves as a useful tool for projecting towards the material that is still missing. This includes the establishment of "brackets" for the individual case studies. The front bracket will feature drawings such as a map and timeline that will root the projects chronologically and geographically. The end bracket will include charts and diagrams that comparatively display the physical, organizational, and architectural qualities of all the units in one place, such as a drawing showing all the unit floor plans at the same scale. As such, future updates to the website will feature material and progress from the content in these brackets, in addition to the posts pertaining to unit cases studies. For now, we've included a few shots of the first pass at a printed pamphlet.